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                Tell us about your venue!

        Booking is simple, Simply click the button below!


Tell us what show package from below you are interested in and give us details about your event or festival with as much info that you can for example date, time and place.


We will then follow up with you to help you bring us to your special event!






This package will get you a 30minutes -1hour Presentation of our very popular show CIRCO,  with an additional meet and greet the artist at the end. Story time is a fairy tale like show with a positive message for kids. 


Perfect for a quick dynamic show that is not too long or requires too much set up and take down. This is recommended for festivals that want small quick pop up shows, or venues that want quick and easy presentations.


This presentation consists of a gathering of cirque la vies best acts both ground and air. CIRCO is a wild traditional circus show presented by the best ring master ever, Master Reggie! Presented by all artist as well as our own free standing rig for the aerial acts if the venue can not provide safe rigging point. The client must provide a cleared area of at least 30x30, a restroom, also an additional 20x20 area for our dressing room tent if not dressing room is provided or outdoors. 

Ambient Package



Ground artist/Acrobats, Stilt walkers, Aerial artist.


Roaming characters are perfect for cocktails, concerts, festivals, parties, birthday parties,corporate events, photo ops, or club scenes that do not need a presentation and just want eye candy or live decor.You can book an artist to walk around/party/dance at your venue or fly (if chosen) at your party per hour.


WARNING: The artist will not do any presentation of any kind( meaning the artist will not preform a show like act) in this package. This is for clients who want  artist to walk around the event/party while doing circus tricks to pump a party or do photo ops with guests. 


Aerial artist will need a set space to set up their rig 30x30.  The artist will arrive 1-2 hours before the event to set up the rig, apply costume and make up and will walk to the event at the time hired to appear and will strike down as soon as the shift is over. Attention: this is not the surprise circus package. The artist will come out at the time instructed and will roam around during their given time.

Birthday Parties!

Got a birthday party coming up? send us and email and ask us about our Birthday party specials!!! 

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