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Cirque La Vie is a Houston Texas circus company that Provides high skilled artists and beautifully dynamic shows for all ages.


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We have been carefully monitoring the information and guidelines regarding the COVID-19 Virus. In order to do our part in the efforts to flatten the curve and impact of this virus we are keeping health and well-being of our staff and students as our top priority. While we apologize for this inconvenience the information below may cause or emotional distress, we believe it is the right thing to do at this time. Please undertand our decisions and efforts to do the right thing so we ask for your support and understanding. 


We will be following the rules stated by the city of Houston and add some rules by cirque la vie to secure everyones health and safety. All rules must be follwed by guests to avoid being turned away at the door.


1. 25% capacity only allowed or less. 


2. no shower or locker rooms allowed. 


3. all personal/gym equipment must be disinfected.


4. costumers must wear gloves that cover their whole hands at all times and face masks. 


5. 6ft social distance must be kept at all times and avoid all physical contact of any kind by coach and student. 


6. Guest must provide their own yoga mat, rollers and blocks to use during lessons as well as cleaning and disinfectant materials. guest must also clean and disinfect their equipment before and after every use. 






Cirque la vie will be open to current circus freak and stunt double members only.


  All non-membership holders can still attend via zoom for hand selected lessons from our schedule. The lessons will be ocurring live or the non-member can ask for the recording of the lesson. each recording only lasts 24hrs upon recorded before deletion. No refund is given if the student does not use the link before deletion.  


only current students on our data base will be accepted to partake on our zoom lessons. NO MORE NEW STUDENTS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.


(if you purchase a membership after April 1st you will still not be allowed to attend the building physically)


anyone with current passes on file will still be Honored and can be used in the future for zoom lessons or physical lessons. 




Our Schedule will also be adjusted to better fit the time slots allowed at this time, to allow for traffic to clear/ clean up or avoid close contact.   


Every membership holder is to sign up for the class ahead of schedule via Mindbody app to be allowed to attend. Limited slots will only be allowed per class. Once all slots are filled no one will be allowed to drop in. Please make sure you sign up ahead of time! 





We are also still offering private lessons via zoom.  for those who would like to continue training privately while reducing the risk of contagion via online.


Private lesson rates:

-$50/hr via online 


In order to book your lesson please email


include the following: 


-Method of lesson skype or zoom ect.

-Coach preference

-Time slots available

-Skill to be worked on 


NOTE: not all private lesson requests will be taken. we hold the right to refuse any lesson request to any member or non-members. 


To help prevent cancellations due to sickness we are now asking a 2 day advance booking period and must have a credit card on file at all times. We will no longer book lessons a week in advance. Lessons will be paid for upon booking and no refunds will be giving if cancelled for any reason in person or via online. 


We apologize again for this inconvenience and changes. Stay safe and we'll get through all of this! 


Yours kindly, 

Cirque La Vie Staff